Social Media Goals

As we get to the end of January, I’m filled with gratitude for the joy that a new month and a new year brings for my family, my friends all around the world, as for myself.

But it’s always difficult after all the holidays to get back in the swing of things, for me, one of the most difficult things I find difficult to do is being consistent with what I post, what I decorate, how I approach things. 

Instagram as always been the easiest social media platform for me to really feel like myself, I love that so many people around the world  thatcan share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with just a picture, just a photograph. And the simplicity of it’s kind of beautiful to me. I love art, food design, sports, fashion…you name it, and there are so many inspiring creative people changing what it means to be lifestyle and design bloggers. And we live in a pretty amazing world, and I think it’s important to experience as many cool and creative things as possible.

That being said, I’ve always wanted to expand a little bit in terms of my audience for social media, but I didn’t know where to begin and so I thought this would be as good as a place as any really to start.

So although New Year’s Resolutions don’t really start this late (oops!) I’ve decided to give it a go again, focusing on WordPress, Instagram, and Pinterest with liz957 as the username. I’m not going to stick to one theme too much, but I want to find products and experiences that make spaces into our homes, and homes where all is welcome. 


My goal is to post once a day on here, but to be honest, it’s pretty tough.

So until then here are links to my sites where I’ll be posting my favorite things: 

Much love,



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