Social media (short little hello)

Hi friends,

For today’s post, I thought I would mix up the theme a bit and talk a little about how much I love Instagram Stories.

I usually love all things Instagram, but at first, I was a tiny bit hesitant to try it out because I really thought:  1) there were already so many really cool great stories out there 2) I was worried it would be way too similar to what I already post on a daily basis (which is a bit of everything) 3) I would focus too much on it and not on my everyday posts

But I actually love it because I love that you can customize it so much (ex. you can write on your images and videos!) and there’s something so cool about a picture or video that just briefly captures a little moment in time.

So I think it’s something I’m really going to learn to love as I share bits of things I love and might use it for home decor tips and little tricks I love (design, art, home decor…).

And just a little reminder, the links to my social media sites are available on the home page for this site…see what D.I.Y. projects I’ve been up to! (spring farmhouse)

Have a great day!

Much love,




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