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Garden for Spring

Hi friends,

Continuing with the Spring floral theme from yesterday, I just wanted to share one of my new favorite products for Spring.

Having fresh flowers in my home can get kind of difficult sometimes (confession: I always forget about them!) I found this little Spring arrangement at Kirkland’s a couple of weeks ago, and I love that it looks so casual and perfect for a little farmhouse style, displayed on a dresser or in any little space where you need a bit of wildlife in your home. (or maybe displayed with some oversized books!)

At first I thought the little plant was artificial, but I later found out from a Kirkland’s employee it was an actual plant but artificially preserved, so you still need to water it a little…about once a month at most! (sometimes instructions for plant care are attached on a little card when you buy it) And I bought a little perfume spray bottle from Target that seems to do the trick!

Little planter from Kirkland’s…perfect for your farmhouse!

And the whole piece comes complete with three little plants and the wire basket which I love because you don’t necessarily to keep them as a set, but change them to fit your space and use the basket for storage.

I couldn’t find the exact one at Kirkland’s online, but I found something kind of similar that I also really love:

White Ranunculus Arrangement in Bottle Plants from Kirkland’shttp://www.kirklands.com/product/White-Ranunculus-Arrangement-in-Bottle-Planters/208821.uts

Hope you love it as much as I do!

And as always you can follow me on my other social media accounts. Links to my Pinterest and Instagram pages are available on my home page…say hi and come and see what I’m up to!

Much love,



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