The Sunset Project

Hi friends,

I’ve decided to mix up the theme a little bit…and focus on something I’m going to try to focus on more often on here. Gratitude! I’m really trying to make it my sort of theme for this year!

As many of you know I really love Instagram (link in profile) and try to post at least a photo a day (more so with the addition of Instagram Stories and multiple photo features) of just anything I’m up to, and I think that’s really been really important to me because it causes  me to reevaluate what’s important, what to focus on. For me, I also think it’s important to not always post maybe the most exciting thing ever, but what I really do on an everyday basis. And for me, being at home, decorating, is such a huge part of it and something I love doing and am always grateful to do.

Also of my most favorite things ever to take photos of are just sunsets. There’s something so gratifying about seeing a sunset. And sunsets for me are always changing, yet something so warm and familiar. A cloud, rain, snow, can change the whole landscape. And it’s such a gratifying thing to see.



So I challenge you to do the same. Take a photo of the sunset, or at the least go outside and embrace it today…or share it with me on Instagram, Pinterest, or on here!

Much love,





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