Decorating in between holidays

Hi friends,

For today’s post I thought I would post a follow-up for a decorating theme that’s always a little difficult for me…decorating in between holidays! For me, the current challenge is mixing in still a bit of Valentine’s Day with just a little bit of maybe St. Patrick’s Day or even a bit of Spring with florals and pastels.

This year, I’ve just decided to introduce colors a bit more gradually, but introducing pieces that I think can go month to month, or can just be rearranged. I love dough bowls, candles, or even small framed pictures that fit anywhere.

Two of my favorite go-to store’s are Michael’s and Kirkland’s. I love both of these stores so much! Michael’s has always been one of my favorite stores growing up because it’s always been my go-to place for all my favorite picture frames, art supplies, and now framed seasonal art!

IMG_0053.jpgI bought this small Valentine’s Day pictures at Michael’s right after the New Year, but I love just how subtle it is, and I always think pink and gold can be such a beautiful color combination. I’ve combined it with this oversized bowl I had filled with scented blue and off-white globes from another one of my favorite stores, Kirkland’s, with just a slightly contrasting color combination going on, but I think it brings a bit of Spring into the space.

And for Spring I’m going to change the picture in the backyard (ex. spring florals) and I think it will slowly transform into a space for all seasons!

Much love,




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