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all about my design boards

Hi friends,

I just wanted to share what I’m up to on my other social media sites.

On Instagram, I’ve been sharing some of my favorite products and home designs for several years now, but for me, I think it’s more than that. Unlike my other social media accounts, I don’t always fit into a particular theme, but I just want to share as many things I love as possible…relating to design, food, home decor, sports, fashion–you name it! (Link in profile)

Pinterest also has been a particularly wonderful platform for me because I always feel like there are constantly so many new sources of inspiration regarding home design and new projects you can start yourself. For me, it’s really about focusing on topics and subjects that I really love and really embracing these particular aspects.

I’ve created about several boards that I think really reflect where I want my Pinterest to go in terms of design.

Pinterest Topics:

  1. My Polyvore Finds: I really love the Polyvore fashion and design app because it’s so fun to test out new outfit combinations and home designs as well as organize products into different collections from the latest products available online and Polyvore has some really fantastic product recommendations as well. If you follow my Pinterest, you’ll be able to see what designs I’ve created on Polyvore by following this board.
  2. Farmhouse Decor: I love anything French Country because there’s something so lovely and everlasting about it, as well as farmhouse decor. I know on here, I’ve been primarily recommending products for family and living rooms, but on my Pinterest board, I’ve really focused on all rooms of the house and different methods and products you can use to channel the farmhouse look in your own. For example, lately on Pinterest, I’ve been focusing alot on room layouts, lighting design, and furniture staples that really have classic appeal and timeless qualities.
  3. Across the Globe: For me, this board is really is a mashup of styles, but I really want to focus on home designs and styles from across the world, that really don’t fit into a particular theme, but constantly inspire my home designs.
  4. To Make: This board I’ve really had to narrow down, because I think there’s always cool and exciting projects I find on Pinterest that I really have to think twice about. They may be super amazing projects, but I’m always trying to only focus on projects and recipes that I would personally do and I always think it’s important to find ideas that fit into your particular life, like simple spray paint projects or design ideas that can truly improve organization.
  5. Words: This is probably one of the broadest boards, but really I love all the inspiration quotations and stories on Pinterest and I want to share some of these beautiful words, poems, and stories with others.
  6. To Wear: This board is all about fashion and accessories! I want to find some classic items to share with others, and perfect for anyone.
  7. Home Inspiration: This is really a little bit of everything, and really anything home design related that inspires me, couches, different rooms…anything.

Follow me along!

Much love,



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