Farmhouse lighting

Hi friends,

I’m always on the lookout for cool, new trends in lighting and I’m loving the farmhouse, industrial trend I’ve been seeing so much lately. There are ton of really great options out there and I think the combination of metal and sometimes wood makes it great for so many spaces. I’ve been seeing a ton of really great options lately; options that would look great in an entryway, an office, and even on an end table in your living room.

And I’ve found a really great option from Painted Fox Home, ‘The Waldo.’

‘The Waldo’: https://paintedfoxhome.com/product/the-waldo/?ref=285

And what I love about Painted Fox Home is pretty much everything. I’ve ordered products from them in the past, and I love how much care they put into each package, how well wrapped their products, and how great the quality of their products is.

And right now, they’re having a really great sale. If you buy 1 item, you can get the 2nd item for 60% off (60% off lower cost item). Also, they offer free shipping which is great if you’re looking for furniture pieces too.

Happy Shopping!

Much love,



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