Kitchen display ideas

Hi friends,

I thought I would jump on here today and share one of my current home decor projects…finding a new way to display my most used mugs, bowls, and even some kitchen containers.

I’m a huge fan of the Rae Dunn collection of home decor and kitchen pottery and I’m always looking for new ways to display them in my home, mainly in my kitchen in a somewhat organized way, that doesn’t take up too much space.

(Little note: If you’re also a Rae Dunn treasure hunter, my favorite go-to stores are Home Goods and Marshalls. I always find that I have the most success in the beginning of the week, and not necessarily in the morning. I would also recommend looking not just in the front of the store, but sometimes hidden behind other items, in the clearance section. I’ll follow up with another Rae Dunn inspired post in a few days)

Anyway, back to kitchen displays!

I went exploring a bit on Pinterest, and I found a ton of great ideas just by searching through difference farmhouse trays and kitchen displays. If you have a farmhouse tray you can put a few mugs and bowls on each level (2 or 3 tiered trays) and even add a ceramic animal like a bird or fresh plant for a bit of Spring decor.

Another great option would be a wall rack. And the ‘Metal Wall Rack’ from Painted Fox Home is a great option too, especially since it gets mugs off the counters and if you’re like me, allows you to have a bit more room in cabinets.

‘Metal Wall Rack’ from Painted Fox Homehttps://paintedfoxhome.com/product/metal-wall-rack/?ref=285

And right now, Painted Fox Home is having a really great sale…30% off storewide! Plus free shipping which is always great for oversized home pieces.

Happy Shopping!

Much love,



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