Farmhouse gardening 

Hi friends,

I hope you’re all having a great day. I just wanted to share a farmhouse decor item I’m really loving and will really change how you decorate for Spring. 

Today, I’m really loving the ‘Pop-a-Top Stool’ from Painted Fox Home

‘Pop-A-Top Stool’ from Painted Fox Homehttps://paintedfoxhome.com/product/pop-a-top-stool/?ref=285

Right off the bat, the first thing that struck me about this beautiful stool is the finish! I love that sort of antique white and feel like it’s really a lovely part of farmhouse decor. 

I also love the stool for additional sitting (a matching set!) a kitchen, home office, or even a family room. But I have to admit, when I first saw this stool, the first though that came through my mind was…home garden!

I love the idea of having the stool inside with a faux planter on top with the same sort of antique white finish. And I also love the idea of using it as and end table or maybe with a lantern. I hope you love it too. 

And you don’t even have to buy this stool at full-price! Right now, the big sale at Painted Fox Home is still going on…30% off storewide with free shipping.

Happy Shopping!

Much love,



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