Farmhouse traveling 

Hi friends,

Thought I would switch up the normal theme a bit and discuss something a tad different…like farmhouse traveling!

Traveling with normal suitcases can sometimes be a bit boring, and sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right oversized bag to carry along. 

That’s why I wanted to share how much I love the ‘Forestbound Joy Canvas Utility Bag’ from Painted Fox Home

‘Forestbound Joy Canvas Utility Bag’ from Painted Fox Homehttps://paintedfoxhome.com/product/joy-canvas-bag/?ref=285

I love the look of a oversized handbag/travel tote and I feel like this one totally does the trick. It’s larger than a normal handbag and I love that I no longer need to carry an entire suitcase for a quick vacation. It’s also handmade and I just love the vintage-inspired look of it. 

Also when not in use, I also feel like it’s a display piece by itself. It’s a bit farmhouse in style to me, and so it’s perfect for holding pillows or even the occasion throw blanket!

And the sale continues over at Painted Fox Home, and so you can get a really great deal on this beautiful handbag…right now, Painted Fox Home’s sale is 30% off storewide with free shipping. 

Happy Shopping!

Much love,



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