Farmhouse totes 

Hi friends,

For today’s post I wanted to share a little bit about one of my favorite companies/stores Magnolia Market/Magnolia  and I especially love the partnership of Magnolia Home with Joanna Gaines with Pier 1 Imports. 

I love both of these stores and companies and I feel like I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with both of them because of just how much care and thought they put into their products and quality of their products. 

Just last month, I started seeing advertisements at Pier 1 Imports for the Magnolia Collection which includes rugs and pillow. )I love them so much, I think I’ll turn it into a post by itself later on!)

 I also noticed they were advertising a Magnolia Home tote…which was absolutely lovely in person! I asked if it was for sale, and a sales representative told me as part of their in-store Pier 1 Imports Event, they would be giving away some of these awesome totes for free! 

You had to sign up to RSVP for the in-store event with your Pier 1 Imports account, (also free to sign up) but it was such a fun experience! 

I never knew that they had so many in-store events and how fun it would be. 

You have to get there early to sign in using the email that you used to RSVP with, and then you get a ticket saying that you’re getting the tote giveaway. I think I heard while there, that they were giving out totes to only the first 40 people and they had both red and blue burlap totes, and they had really limited quantities of the blue tote. 

Before the tote giveaway itself, it’s sort of like a party. There were a lot of people there that were really regulars at Pier 1 Inports events, and so it was fun to meet other people equally as interested in home decor projects. 

The event itself was for two hours. For the first hour and a half I’d say we had a couple of different Mother’s Day demonstrations on how to put together gift baskets with an assortment of dishes, candles and other home decor items using items you wouldn’t traditionally think of–lanterns, picnic baskets, etc. And it was all about layering. What I love most about this, was finding out the latest trends in home decor styles, and I love that nautical is so big right now…and farmhouse, of course!

There were also refreshments, which I loved. We sat on the chairs in-store while watching the demonstrations and it felt relaxed, informative, and like you were just hanging out with friends trying out new D.I.Y. projects. 

I watched a couple of different basket ideas, and then we were allowed to shop for a bit. After which, we sat down for a couple more demonstrations, that even included us trying out basket ideas for ourselves. And the Pier 1 Imports employees could not have been more helpful in not only showing us cool, new products, but explaining them, as well as answering any questions we had. 

And after, we got our Pier 1 Imports with Magnolia Home/Joanna Gaines totes…they came in both blue and red, but I noticed the blue totes were a real hit and went super quick. I was really lucky to get one!

When I got home, I even turned the tote into a fun D.I.Y. project that I can’t wait to show you!

Blue totes my mom and I got: 

Have a great day!

Much love,



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