A bit of Disney! 

Hi friends, 

Today I wanted to share a new theme I’m working on…a bit about Disney

I feel like Disney/Disneyland/Disney World is really an experience for all ages and I wanted to invite you all to join my new Pinterest page, Disney, where I want to show some of my favorite Disney fashion items. Some of these items are available for purchase at the park, some are available online , and also some are fashion items (ex. denim jackets) that were made in collaboration with other brands. 

I also love some fan-based websites that sell products and I hope to share some cool links about them too. 

Here’s a link to my Pinterest where you can see all boards including my new Disney one: https://www.pinterest.com/farmhouseliz/

Also check back for other Disney-themed posts about the posts and fun home decor projects…I hope to have another post really soon! 

Much love,



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