Farmhouse bowl designs 

Hi friends,

I thought I would play a bit of catch-up with my daily posts and so there’s a second one for today and I wanted to share one of my favorite home decor pieces. 

I love dough bowls, especially if they’re a bit on the rustic side and I absolutely love the one I bought from the Magnolia Market website a couple of months ago. 

I can’t find the exact one of the website, but there are ton of great options if you search different bowl or tray options. 

I love how distressed and oversized the bowl, and its sturdy and just super well made. And honestly, not only are Magnolia Market’s products incredibly well-made, but so much care is also put into the way they’re wrapped as well as how they’re shipped. And I also couldn’t say enough nice things about their employees, I’ve had so many questions (some super random) about products, from shipping, to size of house objects, to finding wall hangings for my home, and they were able to answer and help with all of my questions. 🙂

Back to the dough bowl! 

I feel like it can really change a space. And for me, it’s all about transforming underutilized spaces. I used my bowl for a bit of decor on top of a cabinet, and it’s totally transformed the space into something more welcoming area. 

And to fill there are a ton of options, bit I really love dried flowers from Kirkland’s…another one of my favorite go-to stores. 

Happy Shopping!

Much love,



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