Mother’s Day Idea 

Hi there! 

Just wanted to wish all the mamas out there  a very, very special Mother’s Day and thank for all you women do each and every day from the bottom of my heart. 

Just a quick post today, but just wanted to share a quick little idea for Mother’s Day, using what you might already have at home. 

I love wrapping gifts, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky. For me, a great alternative to gift bags are reusable totes and beach bags. I love them because:  1) it’s really a gift in itself 2) they can use them 3) it makes wrapping so much easier. 

And there are ton of great options wherever you look, by using bags you already have or even checking the dollar section at Target…I always find a ton of great options there!

I also really love the Smith & Hawken line  at Target…there’s a whole range of beautiful gardening supplies including doormats, gardening supplies, and even totes. And that’s what I’ve done for Mother’s Day. 

The totes are also available on the Target website as well as in-store. 

Canvas Market Bag (Assorted Styles)Smith & Hawkenhttp://www.target.com/p/canvas-market-bag-assorted-styles-smith-hawken-153/-/A-51705701

It was sort of last minute–but I love the look of these bags as gift bags and I think they make the perfect farmers market bags too. I hope you love them too. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Much love,



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