Farmhouse D.I.Y. Chalk Paint Love

Hi friends, 

I feel like I haven’t done a ton of farmhouse decor D.I.Y. posts, so I just want to do a quick little post on one of my favorite products for farmhouse painting. 

If you’re looking to do some farmhouse painting on furniture, I really, really love the look and finish of the KrylonChalky Finish Colonial Ivory spray paint. 

I love the color, it’s crisp, fresh, and yet there’s a real warmth to the color. 

I used it to paint a mirror frame that I feel needed some updating. The mirror had a black frame, and I wanted something in the ivory/farmhouse color family. 

I don’t do a whole ton of spray paint projects, but honestly this product was so easy to apply and it didn’t leave a bunch of weird paint streaks everywhere. It also dries super quick, in about half an hour for each coat of paint (I applied two coats) to my mirror frame…I’ll have another post on the mirror before and after later, I promise!

And after the mirror dried, it gives the mirror frame (or furniture, if that’s what you’re painting) a sort of chalky finish and it was super easy to distress it with just a small piece of sandpaper. And I bought everything at Michael’s

Hope you’re all having a great day! 

Much love,



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