Dressing up a canvas handbag 

Hi friends,

I’m a huge fan of oversized handbags and they’re great for quick vacations. Another great alternative is using them for storage! 

My favorite oversized handbag is my ESCAPE canvas bag from FORESTBOUND which I bought from Painted Fox Home. And I love this bag, they’re handmade and so well-made. 

I hated the idea of just storing it away in a closet because it’s so lovely, and so I’ve decided to use it as a display piece in itself and it’s great for some additional storage too. 

I decided to keep the accessories kind of minimal, but I managed to use it to hold a blanket from Marshall’s and a pillow (I think also from Marshall’s) , and looks great dressing up a space near a bookshelf or a desk. I hope you love it too. 

Much love,



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