Faux farmhouse plants 

Hi friends,

Since I missed a daily post yesterday, I decided to be a quick, little second post for today. 

I love fresh flowers and plants inside my home, but they’re a bit difficult to take care of and so the best option for me are faux plants and flowers!

And I was really hesitant at first…sometimes faux flowers can look a bit too fake or not full enough. But I’ve completely changed my mind the first time I found some really good ones. 

My go-to stores for faux flowers and plants are: Marshalls, Home Goods and Target. There are also some really great options from IKEA (I have a couple from there and I’ll do another post on how to jazz them up a bit!) 

And one’s featured here are from Marshalls, they’re fresh and light and really brighten up my side table. 

And before I forget…I also love Kirkland’s options for faux plants but be sure to read the labels or ask an employee beforehand. Some of their plants are actually artificially-preserved and so you have to light spray them about once a month. 

I have a couple from Kirkland’s too and use a small, plastic perfume bottle used for traveling that you can buy at Target in the cosmetic section…or check the dollar section too. Hope this helps!

Much love,


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