Farmhouse wall art part 2

Hi friends,

Just wanted to share the latest addition to my farmhouse wall collage…this beautiful wood sign with canvas inlay. On the burlap canvas it says, “Enjoy every moment.” from Michael’s

And I think I’ll often try to capture a moment, a space and try to tell as much as I can about the items as I can. 

The sign like my pressed glass sign is from Michael’s. Michael’s has a ton of really great wood signs or burlap signs in their seasonal section, (ex. I saw a gorgeous, distressed pineapple wall art piece right in front of the store too) but I really wanted something that would fit my existing space, and would work together with the pressed glass art. 

And then I found this lovely sign…in the very back of the store in their ready-to-go empty frames section. And although frames and already framed art sounds expensive, you can get a really great deal if you have your Michael’s coupons handy. 

So I’m think that I’m going to be hanging this cute wood sign right next to my pressed glass sign, it just needs a sign either above or below it to sort of balance out the design a bit. 

And that’s the really great thing about gallery walls, you can always rearrange and expand your design as you get new pieces and as you rethink your design. I can’t wait to show you guys more, especially when the farmhouse wall collage comes together. 

Much love, 



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