Interior design games 

I really love everything to do with interior design and I feel like I’m always scouting out the latest in home decor trends in stores like Target, Pinterest, in magazines, by watching HGTV, and always on design blogs.

And one of my favorite thing to do is put together simple design boards to help me visualize spaces. I sometimes do this on Pinterest, by just saving similar images that help pull together a space. And sometimes I do this by going through all the design magazines I’ve saved, and putting them together on a a small bulletin board or even in a simple paper folder. 

And now there’s also a pretty cool design app too, called Design Home. I noticed an ad for it and I wasn’t exactly sure what it was…but decided to download the app and give it a try. 

The game is basically your own little interior design business. In the game, you’re given a limited budget and yet you have different design challenges which challenges you to work within that budget and come up with the best designs possible. 

And you can also vote on different designs from other players which is pretty cool too. 

Definitely check it out!

Much love,



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